Schools United – Our Kids Make A Difference

Rivals United – Crestview VS Lincolnview

Crestview and Lincolnview Local Schools are friendly rivals in Van Wert County.  Playing off that rivalry was the spark for “Rivals United”. The original idea was to make the students aware of what the United Way does and how donated money is used to support area nonprofit agencies. 

Rivals United has turned into a week-long fundraiser, including unique spirit themes and events chosen by the students. Local businesses play a huge part in this fundraiser by sponsoring events or offering a percentage of sales from school-themed items, such as drinks, cups, and treats! The fundraiser is concluded during the Crestview and Lincolnview Boys Varsity basketball game.


2024 Rivals United T-shirt Order Forms:

Crestview Rivals T-Shirt Order Form

Lincolnview Rivals T-Shirt Order Form

Cougars United – Middle School VS High School

Cougars United is a friendly competition between Van Wert High School and Middle School with similar spirit week themes and activities.

Students and teachers participate in events like Change Wars, Super Fans, Video Challenge and more!

We’ve made it easy to follow along on social media!

We may have friendly rivalries, but the truth is…

… It’s all about making a difference in our community. Van Wert County is excellent at rallying together to make an impact. Sure, it’s a friendly competition between schools. But most importantly it gives an opportunity for students, faculty, family and friends to raise money to serve our partner agencies. Funds raised directly benefit organizations like CERT, Haven of Hope Homeless Shelter,  and our other agencies you can learn about on our agencies page. 

We are so grateful for our business partners.

We are blown away, year over year, at the magnitude that our Schools United event has grown. 

Businesses have participated by offering items like branded thermos, school embroidered towels, cookies in school colors, specialty lattes, wine slushies, and wellness teas. Our area businesses have also run specials on pizzas, bracelets, catered meals, and desserts.

Our business community also sponsors the events we create during Rivals week which include Super Fan, Video Challenge, FFA Game, Granny Shoot Out, T-shirts and more. This grows year after year and it is because of your generosity that we can continue.

Be sure to say Thank You and patronize these locations: