We are honored to care for the less fortunate in our community for the last 100 years.

As we look forward to the next 100, we are tasked with what kind of legacy we will leave to ensure future generations have the same, if not better, care and services available.  We have determined that instead of leaving a legacy, we need to live it. Our campaign theme this year is “Live Your Legacy”, which we hope gives everyone pause for cause.

Our 2022-23 campaign video shows how when making a pledge to the United Way of Van Wert county you are contributing to the legacy every person over 100 years has left and will continue to leave for the next century. We have worked hard to create multiple ways to participate throughout the year and donate at your comfort level. Your continued involvement in United Way fundraisers is critical to help serve our local 31 partner agencies.  Curious about how the United Way makes an impact? Here are three distinct examples:

United Way Stabilizes Families, Helps Children Succeed and Empowers Healthy Lives:

  • Stabilizing Families:  United Way and its partners focus on services that reduce hunger, provide housing, increase earnings, and reduce domestic violence.  We provide services to support good parenting and a stable home environment. This ensures that the next generation is fully prepared to lead and work in our community.
  • Helping Children Succeed:  United Way and its partners focus on results at three crucial stages in a child’s education.  We invest in proven programs that improve academic development and outcomes.
  • Empowering Healthy Lives: United Way and its partners provide access to health care services for uninsured people. We help children and youth learn healthy behaviors that prevent future problems, and we provide services so older adults and people living with disabilities can remain independent.

Without your dedication to the betterment of our community, we wouldn’t be successful. This year, our campaign goal is $500,000.  By making a tax-deductible donation you will help to support this year’s goal. The money that you give stays in Van Wert County and supports the 31 agencies funded by the United Way.

Please see the listing of funded agencies.  We pay out less than 1%
in United Way Worldwide dues, so you can rest assured your contribution is impacting Van Wert County United Way agencies.

Thank you again for your time and consideration. Let’s partner together and get to work.

Campaign Goal: $500,000

Why contribute?

For many individuals in Van Wert County, contributing to the United Way has many benefits:

  • It is for everyone! You never know when you may require assistance from the many different organizations funded.
  • 99% of the money you give stays in Van Wert County.
  • Your donation benefits many organizations.
  • You know that the dollars are being utilized for well-established and researched programs.

Designate Van Wert County

If you are a Van Wert County resident but working outside of the county, you can designate your pledge back to Van Wert. The same goes if you work in Van Wert but live in another county. If it is your wish we will send your pledge back to the United Way in your community. Or you may designate your pledge to one of our agencies listed in the agency directory.