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Celebrating 98 years!!  Established in 1922 to “increase the organized capacity of people to care for one another”, the United Way of Van Wert County contributes to many area non-profit organizations through programs funded by an annual campaign drive… read more.


It’s hard to believe that this is my 6th year with United Way. We have completed several successful campaigns in the past 6 years and this year was another great example. We started out the year ahead of schedule and were reaping the benefits from generous givers. The one problem was that our society was going to be turned upside down with the Covid 19 virus. That is what United Way is all about though, being out front trying to help people when they need help the most. We were able to put our feet to the path and provide food to a lot of children who had their lives disrupted by “Stay At Home” orders and school cancellations.  We could not do that without the help of giving people the entire year.  We always conclude our campaign with the Fiesta Fun Friday which is a fun event that allows everyone to celebrate another successful year.  This year we had to cancel that event so we were not able to raise our last $10,000 towards our campaign goal. I am so proud to say, though, that even with the lack of that event we were able to meet 99% of our goal and raise $501,481.  Some people may say why do you do what you do? We do what we do to make a difference. I have realized during this time that there are so many people out there that are willing to give even when they don’t have a lot to give. We live in a community that always gives. This year’s theme was “Change For Change” and I would say that we have made a change for a change and bettered our community.

– Vicki Smith, Director

For more information on giving to the United Way or to volunteer, please contact the United Way of Van Wert County at 419-238-6689 or email at director@uwvwco.org.   You can also check us out on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Thank you for your support, together we can LIVE UNITED!

United Way of Van Wert County Names 2020 Campaign Chair

United Way of Van Wert County Executive Director Vicki Smith announced Kim Bruns as this year’s campaign chair for 2020-21.
“Kim is going to be a great leader in this year’s campaign. She has always reminded me that we are doing what we do to help individuals. She will be such an asset working through this unprecedented time and how we do things a little different to raise funds and awareness. She actually volunteered to be the campaign chair in the midst of a new job change.  Who actually does that except for a person with passion for the United Way like Kim?” remarked Vicki Smith, United Way Executive Director.  Kim grew up in Van Wert, graduated from Van Wert High School and was an RK Self-Reliant finalist in 1990. After graduating from BGSU she  moved back to Van Wert because she loved the community that had a huge impact on her life. Kim wanted to give back to her amazing hometown.  Kim has worked for local social service agencies in her lifetime (Westwood and Thomas Edison).  She is currently the Community Services Director for West Ohio Community Action Partnership that does offer several programs in the Van Wert Community.  Kim is also the Vice President and Program Chair for the Women’s Leadership Collective Board. She has volunteered her time and support with many other local agencies (Crisis Care Center, Relay for Life, Special Olympics and Thomas Edison,) but she truly loves and enjoys her volunteer work and support with the United Way because it assists individuals and families with a wide range of needs through the 33 agencies that they fund. Kim has been a member of the board for the past 6 years.  She first joined the United Way Board of Trustees in 2015 and then the Executive Board in 2016.  She has served on the Admissions & Review Committee as well as being a member of the Day of Caring, Fiesta Fun Friday, Rivals United, Campaign and Chip in for Change committees.  Kim will now serve as the Campaign Chair.

“I am excited to be this year’s Campaign Chair under our campaign theme #AlwaysUnited. We have had great support over the past several years with our campaigns but this year is going to be a different campaign. We know that there are so many people that have been affected with the Covid-19 pandemic with loss of jobs, lack of food, kids needing extra educational support and we want you to know that we are “AlwaysUnited” and there for you.  We have been leading the way with our programs and agencies that have supported the hard times. We are going to need every donation this year to be able to continue to support our 33 programs. If we reach our goal of $500,000 we will be able to relieve the stress of our agencies having to do fundraisers and raise money to implement these needed programs.  I hope that this year you are able to join me in the campaign that supports #AlwaysUnited.”

– Kim Bruns


















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