The United Way of Van Wert County was established in 1922 to “increase the organized capacity of people to care for one another”.

When you give to United Way, your dollars are invested right back into your community.

Through the programs funded by the annual campaign drive, you can touch the lives of almost everyone in Van Wert County. Contributions are distributed among the many non-profit organizations which meet the prioritized requirements established yearly by a group of community members.

Our board is a group of diverse and dedicated volunteers who spend hours investigating each program to assess the validity, necessity, and benefit to the entire community.

Designate Van Wert County

If you are a Van Wert County resident but working outside of the county, you can designate your pledge back to Van Wert. The same goes if you work in Van Wert but live in another county. If it is your wish we will send your pledge back to the United Way in your community. Or you may designate your pledge to one of our agencies listed in the agency directory.

Why contribute?

For many individuals in Van Wert County, contributing to the United Way has many benefits:

  • It is for everyone! You never know when you may require assistance from the many different organizations funded.
  • 99% of the money you give stays in Van Wert County.
  • Your donation benefits many organizations.
  • You know that the dollars are being utilized for well-established and researched programs.

Our Mission Statement

To improve lives by mobilizing the caring power of people and organizations within the county to advance the common good.


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